Since a site needs both web hosting space and a domain name, it’s vital to be able to easily manage not only the former, but also the latter. Even if the web hosting service is dependable and fast, registering a brand new domain name and linking it to a given website may be a torture and may involve plenty of time and effort. As a matter of fact, this is the situation with the vast majority of hosting platforms out there – you’ll have no less than two accounts, one billing account and one hosting account, and registering a domain and getting it online will require logging in and out of the two accounts. It’d be much more convenient if you could perform all these things from a single location and concentrate on your website, not on various system tasks.

Feature-rich Domain Manager in Cloud Hosting

With a Linux cloud hosting from our company, you’ll exercise full command over your domain names and over everything connected with them. Integrated into our all-inclusive Hepsia Control Panel, our avant-garde Domain Manager will allow you to do a lot of things from one place without needing to log in and out of separate admin panels. For example, you will be able to register a new domain or to renew an active one, to edit the WHOIS information or to hide it completely using our Whois Privacy Protection service, to host or to park a domain name with several clicks. The options cited so far are typical for any such tool, but with our Domain Manager’s quick-access buttons, you will be able also to access the DNS records for any of your domain names, to set up an FTP account, a database or an e-mail, to monitor web traffic statistics and much more. The tool is advanced, albeit easy to work with, so even if you have never had a web hosting account before, you will not have any problems while managing your domains and the hosting space for them.

Feature-rich Domain Manager in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which is included with every semi-dedicated server plan that we are offering, is an all-inclusive tool, which will grant you full control over your semi-dedicated account and which features our feature-laden Domain Manager. The latter enables you to manage everything related to the domain names in the account – both the registered and the hosted ones. The most necessary functions are all here – you can register or renew a domain name, add Whois Privacy Protection to it, park and forward it or change its WHOIS details. The Domain Manager, though, is much more than just a list of your domain names and several basic options. It’s an avant-garde tool, inside which you’ll find fast-access buttons, using which you can easily create a database or a mail account, access the website files pertaining to a certain domain name or monitor elaborate traffic stats and access logs. The Domain Manager is intuitive (albeit powerful), so it can be used by individuals with little-to-no practical experience.