Using the NetAll by UESE International Online Control Panel, you’ll gain access to our feature–rich File Manager. It’ll help you to speedily control all of your sites without having to turn to an FTP software. You could upload files through a secure connection by simply dragging them into the browser. Additionally, you can easily archive and unarchive data files and folders, create password–protected areas, change data file permissions and so much more. Browse through the attributes included in our File Manager.

Drag–and–drop file uploads

Upload files with ease

Transferring files between your PC and any of your web sites is now easy and quick, because of the drag & drop option delivered by the File Manager. You can pull files from your computer and drop them in the Online Control Panel over a secure SSL communication. That’s all. It requires a few seconds to add a data file and a little bit longer for any larger data files and directories.

There is no need to put in any third–party software package or Internet browser add–ons. The drag’n’drop function contained in the File Manager operates equally well on all main operating systems.

Hepsia File Manager

Right–click context menus

Find out the whole set of readily available file control possibilities with merely a click of the mouse

On account of the right–click menus we’ve included on the File Manager, you can manage all of your files incredibly easy. Just click on a file or directory and with the panel which will pop up, opt for the action that you want. You’ll be able to rename, copy, move, download, edit, preview, archive, unarchive and delete any picked file. When you click a folder, you will also see the solution to make a completely new sub–folder or file inside it.

When you select multiple files or directories, you will be able to apply identical measures for all of them concurrently.

Hepsia File Manager

Archive/Unarchive files

Archive or extract archive files within seconds

As opposed to the vast majority of file management interfaces and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) clients, the NetAll by UESE International Online Control Panel features a solution to archive/unarchive files much more speedily. It is really intuitive. To have a directory reduced into a small size, all you need to do is select it and click on the Compress button. To unwrap the items in an archived directory within your account, choose it and click on the Extract button. The File Manager supports various file extensions, for example .ZIP, .RAR and .TAR.GZ.

Hepsia File Manager